Customized Radio Dispatch Console and Interface

2nd generation dispatch console supporting existing radio systems with a migration path to today’s state of the art digital communication systems.
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Customized Radio Dispatch Console Solutions.

"We used our knowledge drawn from 30+ years of experience in the console industry, took the best features from various sources, knew we could make them better and created the Mindshare suite of VoIP Dispatch Console Systems."

The Mindshare Radio System has 5 major components, which are the same no matter the system size, making spares a minimal investment.

MAXplus G2 Dispatch Processor

1) MAXplus G2 Dispatch Processor
- MAXplus G2 is the smallest dispatch form factor.
- MAXplus G2 runs Linux, not Windows, for ultimate stability.
- Setup, maintenance, and diagnostics can all be done remotely.

smartest radio interface on the market.

2) Radio Interface
- The smartest radio interface on the market.
- High end capability and easily maintainable.
- Card based design, 16-UP in a 3U rack or 1-UP in a single card enclosure.
- Hot swap cards, only affecting 1 channel when removed.
- Card cage contains 18-port network switch + multiple power options.

NXDN NXIP Kenwood NEXEDGE Radio System Interface

3) System Interface
- P25: CSSI and DFSI.
- NXDN: NXIP (Kenwood NEXEDGE® Radio Systems).
- LTE: ESChat

GUI - flexibility with customizable console graphics.

4) Graphic User Interface (GUI)
- Total flexibility with customizable console graphics.
- Unrestricted radio and telephone connections.
- Unrestricted radio and telephone interfaces within one GUI.
- Feature rich with free unlimited updates.

Accessories - microphone, foot switch, card cage, jack box, speakers, backplane daughter board

5) Accessories
- Card Cage
- Jack Box
- Speakers
- Telephony
- EFJ MRI Connector
- Intercom Adaptor
- 12 Channel Backplane Daughterboard
- Microphones
- Foot Pedal
- TRBO Interface Card