Mindshare at 2017 CMA Conference

The Communications Marketing Association (CMA) is an organization of the leading manufacturers, manufacturer’s representatives and distributors in the wireless communications industry. CMA’s core value is found in the unique annual Communications Marketing Association Conference (CMC), which has been a must-attend event for more than 40 years. What makes CMC exceptional is found in its design, […]

Visit Mindshare at IWCE 2017

It’s that IWCE time of year again! Stop by the Mindshare/TimeMachines booth (549) on Wednesday or Thursday (March 29 & 30). Learn about what’s new at Mindshare or just stop by and talk. Be sure to register for your chance to win an NTP Time Server from TimeMachines. The Mindshare/TimeMachines team of Jack Hines, Doug […]

Kenwood NXDN IP Direct Interface now available!

Kenwood NXDN IP Direct Interface Now Available! Mindshare NXIP Gateways provide direct digital IP communication between Mindshare Console Systems and Kenwood NEXEDGE® Radio Systems. These gateways implement Kenwood’s NEXEDGE® IP Console Interface (NXIP) specifications for direct communication with NEXEDGE® systems. An IP interface provides secure and cohesive system integration allowing console users full access to […]

NEXEDGE IP Interface

Mindshare is pleased to announce its latest development, the Mindshare direct IP interface to Kenwood NEXEDGE® systems. Written on a Linux based server, utilizing the latest multi-stream hardware vocoders from DVSI for the best voice quality, this console interface is a built from the ground up new design to support end to end digital audio […]

New website

We’ve re-designed the Mindshare website, making it more up to date, user friendly with a clean look and feel, and simple navigation and structure. Conveniently download the necessary product info sheets from the downloads page. Our downloadable datasheets are great for a visual perspective on our products as well as having great detailed information, helping […]