Mindshare Clients using our Radio Dispatch Consoles.

SEPTA / Philadelphia, PA

The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) is a metropolitan and regional transportation agency and authority that operates various forms of public transit that serves 3.9 million people in and around Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and its suburbs in Delaware, Montgomery, Bucks and Chester. Headquartered at 1234 Market Street in Philadelphia, PA, SEP-TA has the 5th largest overall U.S. transit system with three major operating divisions: City Transit, Suburban and Regional Rail. These divisions reflect the different transit and railroad operations that SEPTA has assumed.
The SEPTA dispatch operation serves the Rail System while interoperating with CSX, Amtrak, and the Norfolk Southern Rail line. There are 12 radio Channels as well as 36 phone lines that come in on an Analog Centrex. The customer required a network-based VoIP Communications Console System encompassing their entire area of interoperability responsibility including System Design, Staging, Delivery, Technical Training and Installation Supervision Assistance.
After On-site meetings to fully understand Septa’s requirements, a Mind-share VoIP System consisting of 16 Operating Positions, each with unique log-in configuration / functionality capability was designed. Incorporated into the System were the Radio Channels & Frequencies and a complete SIP PBX application to accommodate the full compliment of telephone lines and features outlined in their requirements. As a major component recognizing the Mission-Critical nature of this System, the modular design of the VoIP Mindshare System and the lack of a Central Processor Unit and /or Central Server has minimized any “single point failure” danger. The loss of any indi-vidual component, including Operator Position will have little effect on the overall System itself.
This new System not only accommodates Septa’s present needs but also provides the flexibility to expand and adjust to future circumstances as they are presented.

University of Wisconsin, Madison

The University of Wisconsin - Madison Police Department Communica-tions Center is a 24/7 provider of Emergency Dispatch Services to Police and Security units., as well as monitoring the Madison Police and other University Departments such as Physical Plant and Transportation Services. The University encompasses over 900 acres with a combined enrollment of over 43.,000 undergraduate and post-graduate students.
The current Console System, in need of replacement, required the ability to provide compatibility with the various operating channels utilized by the University and its supporting Agencies which included 800MHz, VHF, and UHF radio frequencies (conventional and trunked). Along with dispatching, auxiliary controls for functions such as locking / unlocking doors throughout the Department, disabling the radio transmitters, replaying radio transmissions etc. were also required. Due to the critical needs environment, System redundancy, Emergency Operations capability and dependability were integral factors in the design criteria.
In response to the requirements outlined, General Communications Inc., an Authorized Dealer of CSS, provided the University with a new Mindshare VoIP Dispatch Console System. This new System not only accommodates their present needs but also provides the flexibility to expand and adjust to future circumstances as they are presented.
The initial System consisted of Operating Positions of Customizable Touch Screen Graphic User Interface, providing Interface capability with all of the required Radio Channels & Frequencies and their functionalities to include operability for all of the University requirements.
Additional features such as Multi-Channel Rapid Recall Recording for both Telephone & Radio, Intercom and NTP Time Sync Interfaces were also provided as part of the Mindshare / General Communications Offering.
With Mindshare’s completely VoIP design and the elimination of any need for a Central Server, the University has a virtually unlimited ability for expansion and modification in the years to come.

New Jersey Turnpike Authority

Since 2008, the New Jersey Turnpike Authority (NJTA) has managed operations on the New Jersey Turnpike and Garden State Parkway via a 30-position Mindshare dispatch console system installed at their State Traffic Management Center (STMC) in Woodbridge, New Jersey. Each of the Mindshare operating positions provides access to over 40 talkgroups on the Authority’s 18-site statewide Passport trunked radio system (via a direct interface to the Passport network) in addition to a number of conventional channels and Smartnet trunked talkgroups used by the New Jersey State Police and the New Jersey Department of Transportation. The Mindshare console positions also provide an integrated automatic headset audio interface at each position to the NJTA telephone system. Via the NJTA statewide digital microwave and fiber optic network, the Authority has installed additional Mindshare console positions at District Offices throughout the state which provide access to all radio resources via a simple IP network connection.

Rock County, Wisconsin

In 2011 Rock County, Wisconsin purchased a 13-position Mindshare dispatch control system to replace an aging Orbacom system in their 9-1-1 center that had become unreliable and no longer met the County’s needs. In addition to upgrading their dispatch system to gain state-of-the-art Mindshare features and reliability, Rock County would soon be migrating from their existing conventional radio systems to a P25 trunked radio system. The capability of Mindshare to both service their conventional radio systems and seamlessly migrate to a direct CSSI connection with the new P25 radio system is exactly what they needed. To minimize the need for operator training on the new Mindshare console positions, the customer worked with Mindshare to use our very versatile console screen design tools so as to create a user interface that nearly duplicated the look, feel, and operation of the old Orbacom display while implementing all of the new Mindshare and P25 features and functionality.

Nevada Department of Wildlife

The Nevada Department of Wildlife operates a statewide dispatch center, providing multi-agency Law Enforcement, and other agency users, with vital communications over more than 115,000 square miles. In the third quarter of 2012, 4 Mindshare console positions were installed in the center, replacing an aging Orbacom system. These were configured with 7 banks of radio channels, providing control of each of the agency’s 25 mountaintop radio repeaters. Additionally, an IP PBX providing full-featured SIP phone features was purchased and configured for the system. Each console position was customized to provide access to a “phone tree” answering system for the Operation Game Thief line, as well as instant access to calls and voice mail messages for all of the other incoming lines. We were able to utilize our existing analog logging recorder, while having the capability of eventual transitioning to digital logging. All of this required no additional equipment or expenditures.

Regional Law Enforcement offices around the state are poised to receive new Mindshare console positions that will allow for control and monitoring of all radios in their respective regions by regional Law Enforcement supervisors.

The ability of each console position to continue functioning in the event of an outage effecting another console position is invaluable. System operations are not hindered and officer safety is not decreased in the unlikely event of a failure. The Mindshare support is unequalled; they are always available to assist and to provide real-time, immediate solutions to issues ranging from system configuration questions to fixing the intermittent problems that any new system experiences. Even when the request for help has occurred in non-business hours, the response of Mindshare has been immediate in many cases. The Mindshare console positions have proven to be reliable and flexible, increasing our capabilities and providing outstanding service in the demanding environment of Law Enforcement communications.

City of North Chicago, Illinois

In early 2012 the City of North Chicago, IL purchased a 3-position Mindshare dispatch control system to manage their police, fire, and mutual aid communications in their 9-1-1 center. The combination of a rich feature set, state-of-the-art VoIP technology, economical pricing, and rapid delivery were all factors in the City’s decision to choose Mindshare. The new Mindshare system provided reliable control of their radio systems with redundancy that was not present in their old system. The new Mindshare voting comparator provided significantly better performance than their old units, with the advantages of redundant hardware and graphical comparator display/control.