customized graphic user interface for the maxplus radio dispatch products

Customized Graphic User Interface (GUI), for Call Centers

The Graphic User Interface (GUI) is a major feature of the Mindshare System. Users are capable of designing and implementing custom screen designs and layouts with complete flexibility. The GUI accommodates virtually any configuration or number of configurations to support any user or system requirements. It is completely feasible to create consoles that closely resemble those of legacy systems, in both appearance and layout. This feature greatly reduces dispatcher training time and familiarization requirements with the new system. Because every module is comprised of individual components and is “custom built” to reflect the individual needs of the user, every need can be accommodated easily utilizing the Console Builder Application. Console Builder allows for a full choice of fonts, sizes and color combinations for every module and/or component of the GUI Display.

Standard Console Features:
- Console buttons - Select, Unselect, Mute, PTT, Global and Per Line, Built in instant recall recorder.
- Multiple radio system special feature support.
- 100% flexible paging.

Optional P25 Support:
- CSSI and DFSI interfaces.
- P25 Vocoder – AMBE.
- AES/DES encryption, FIPS 140-2 compliant.
- Key fill device support.

Mindshare’s SIP Telephony Interface:
- SIP based PBX compatibility (Avaya, Cisco, Panasonic, Asterisk).
- Unlimited number of extensions per position.
- Voicemail support / status display.
- Caller ID.
- Hook flash, hold.
- Mic mute, caller mute.
- Call transfer & forwarding.
- Conferencing.