NEXEDGE IP Interface

Mindshare is pleased to announce its latest development, the Mindshare direct IP interface to Kenwood NEXEDGE® systems. Written on a Linux based server, utilizing the latest multi-stream hardware vocoders from DVSI for the best voice quality, this console interface is a built from the ground up new design to support end to end digital audio with the Mindshare consoles. Conveniently supporting both conventional and trunked modes of operation, the Mindshare IP interface is the only Linux based console solution for NEXEDGE® in the industry. Designed and built as an intermediate server interface, it supports simultaneous streams in multiples of 3 channels, field upgradeable. It also handles the full NXDN feature set for consoles including: ANI, SelCall, Stun, Revive, Status Message, Emergency Decode, and more. Features are supported in both Conventional and Trunking interfaces. There is no limit on the number of consoles in simultaneous operation and no additional charges per console for IP based NXDN functionality.

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