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Mission Critical Radio Dispatch Solutions!

Located in Lincoln, Nebraska, CSS Mindshare, LLC is a subsidiary of Communication Systems Solutions, Inc (CSS).  Its founding owners, have been in the two way radio dispatch markets since the mid 1990's and dispatch in particular since the late 90's.  CSS has several product lines, Mindshare among them, that are actively supported by its staff of engineering and manufacturing personnel.  With the larger company supporting Mindshare, there are extensive resources and capabilities that can be brought to bare on any operational customer need.  Mindshare has its own staff of dedicated product experts to support the pre and post sales requirements of any customer backed by the resources of CSS.  If you have product needs outside of the radio dispatch field, please feel free to contact our design group to discuss your needs further.  The CSS website can be found by following this link:  www.css-design.com.

The Mindshare product lines are perfect for the following industries:

Transportation, Utilities, Public safety, Industrial, and Call Centers.

Radio Communication is Critical to Success

Mindshare has a proven track record of engineering and manufacturing reliable, cost effective and scalable communications dispatch solutions. Our Mindshare Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP) radio interface and dispatch console technology has been proven in public safety, enterprise, utility, energy, transportation, and commercial applications of all sizes.

A partial listing of successful Mindshare VoIP projects include:

New Jersey Turnpike Authority
Rock County, Wisconsin
Nevada Department of Wildlife
Posey County, Indiana
City of North Chicago, Illinois

Our experience in the design and manufacturing of innovative communications dispatch solutions of all sizes, in many different applications, ensures the best possible result for your new system installation. A network of trained Mindshare dealers are available to provide local sales, implementation and maintenance support services to you.

Effective Control of Your Assets in the Field

Mindshare VoIP communications dispatch console technology addresses the challenge of maintaining effective communications with your assets in the field via radio systems of all types, telephone, and more. Command and control solutions from Mindshare ensure that you have reliable, efficient communications capability regardless of your unique mission requirements.

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