MAXplus Dispatch Processor

mindshare maxplus dispatch console

- MAXplus is the smallest dispatch form factor.
- MAXplus runs Linux, not Windows, for ultimate stability.
- Setup, Maintenance, and Diagnostics can all be done remotely.

Radio Interface

mindshare radio interface system

- The smartest radio interface on the market.
- High end capability and easily maintainable.
- Card based design, 16-UP in a 3U rack or 1-UP in a single card enclosure.
- Hot swap cards, only affecting 1 channel when removed.
- Card cage contains an 18-port network switch and multiple power options.

System Interface

mindshare system interface system

- P25: CSSI and DFSI.
- NXDN: NXIP (Kenwood NEXEDGE® Radio Systems).
- LTE: ESChat

Graphic User Interface (GUI)

mindshare gui interface

- Total flexibility with customizable user interface design.
- Unrestricted radio and telephone connections.
- Unrestricted radio and telephone interfaces within one GUI.
- Feature rich with free unlimited updates.


mindshare gui interface

- Card Cage
- Jack Box
- Speakers
- Telephony
- EFJ MRI Connector
- Intercom Adaptor
- 12 Channel Backplane Daughterboard
- Microphones
- Foot Pedal
- TRBO Interface Card

The Communications Control Solution for Any Application

Effective control of communication networks, whether they include P25, DMR, analog, trunked or conventional radio, telephone, 9-1-1 systems or other equipment will dramatically enhance the efficiency and safety of any agency or enterprise. Mindshare Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) based communications control systems provide flexible, scalable and economical dispatch solutions for virtually any application.

Public Safety

Emergency responders depend on real-time coordinated communication and information flow. It can make a life or death difference. Interoperability within and between agencies increases their effectiveness in responding to incidents.
Mindshare communications control systems interface to the wide variety of radio and telephone network technologies used by Public Safety agencies, and provide both effective control of and interoperability between these various networks. Mindshare provides reliable, seamless dispatch coordination and control in times of emergency.


Today’s deregulated energy markets depend on robust and reliable communication systems to meet increasing operational complexities for utilities. In addition, increasing security concerns demand efficient, reliable communications.
Mindshare VoIP-based communication solutions can connect centralized operations with multiple dispatchers and remote field crews during normal operations or in time of emergency. Effective communications is a critical element to the safety of linemen and other utility crews. When working on electrical distribution, gas lines or other live equipment, switching orders must to be communicated so the work can be completed in safety. Mindshare communications control solutions provide seamless communication across the complex radio and telephone systems operated by utilities.


The daily energy demands for America have never been more critical and the coordination of multiple energy related activities are vital to meet the country’s needs.
Whether communications are on a remote oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico, coordinating shale oil operations in North Dakota, or controlling the many varied processes at a refinery in Houston, Mindshare provides the communication control solutions that keep the oil flowing and the energy industry going.


Effective communications are critical to the airline industry. Ground operations and ramp control are critical to an airline’s on time and safety performance, as well as profitability. Monitoring and coordinating multiple user groups on different radio networks, especially during peak hours, demands reliable, effective communications.
Mindshare communication control solutions can provide seamless radio communications with pilots, ground crew, support staff and company operations. The ability of Mindshare to capitalize on the existing investment that airlines have made in network infrastructure allows our systems to be easily distributed to cities throughout an airline’s area of operations and facilitate coordinated activities on a regional, national, or even worldwide basis.